China and the Far East Seminar

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Program Description

China massively alters the strategic calculations of every nation on the perimeter of the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Further, China is a major geopolitical force that will continuously test the wisdom, skill, tenacity, and agility of the United States.

Yet China faces its own profound economic, cultural, and environmental challenges which are often overlooked or misunderstood in the West. For the United States the paramount foreign policy challenge is to understand and respond to the inevitable changes sweeping through the Indo-Pacific over the coming decades.

Drawing upon the knowledge and experience of a diverse group of prominent experts on China as well as East and South Asia this three day area studies seminar will offer attendees the opportunity to discuss regional issues of moment in an informal off-the-record setting.

Areas to be covered are reflected in the topics below and may be changed to address current issues at the time of the seminar.


Seminar Topics

  • China on the Prowl: Becoming a Pacific Ocean Player?
  • China vs. India: Inside the World’s Next Great Strategic Competition
  • U.S.-China Relations: Perilous Past, Uncertain Present, Tense Future
  • Australia, Oceana, and the Balance of Power in the Pacific
  • Japan and China: Conflict or Business as Usual?
  • South China and East China Seas: New Chinese Provocations
  • Culture, Revolution, Economics and the Future of Chinese Society
  • China and North Korea: A Maligned Partnership
  • Changing American Perceptions of China and Strategic Alternatives
  • North Korea: Exploring the Heart of Darkness
  • The U.S. and Vietnam: An Alliance Aimed at China’s Soft Underbelly
  • Japan and Russia: Ending China’s Monopoly on the New Silk Road
  • The United States, Japan, India, and Australia: Difficult Indo-Pacific Axis
  • How COVID-19 Created a New Geostrategic Reality
  • Dealing with Changing Trade and Environment Realities in the 21st Century
  • The Transforming Belt and Road Initiative: Economic Failure and Ideological Reach
  • Is ASEAN a New Strategic Pivot Point in the Indo-Pacific?
  • North Korea: The Political-Security Challenges in Northeast Asia
  • China and Taiwan: Continual Hotspot


The Program Moderator will have extensive experience conducting senior-level foreign policy seminars for the Intel Community. The Moderator will have first-hand knowledge and a detailed, up-to-date understanding of the region being studied in each seminar. In addition to the daily morning introduction and afternoon wrap-up, the Moderator will generally make a separate presentation and be available to provide additional presentations as needed. The Moderator will facilitate, when necessary, dialogue between the speakers and participants as well as lead the group discussions and Q&A sessions.



The fee for each three-day Foreign Policy Seminar is $2,250 per person. The program will feature approximately 12-15 separate presentations. Also included are daily continental breakfasts and working luncheons. The seminar will be held in a private meeting room (location TBA). An on-site staff person will assist participants as needed and coordinate daily activities.



The target audience for these seminars are civilians (GS-15 and above) and military (O-6 and above). Others who have a special interest in the subject, need-to-know, or are in key positions may apply. Seminar space is limited to assure participants have ample time for open discussion with presenters. Upon registration, attendees will receive confirmation via email within five days. Cancellations will be accepted in writing up to two weeks prior to each program. After that time, substitutions will be accepted. The Agency will be billed if registration is cancelled after the deadline.

If you have any questions or need further information, please call the office at 703-684-8807.


Additional Information

Reporting information concerning registration time and meeting room assignment will be sent to all participants approximately 2 weeks prior to the start of each program. The meeting room will open at 7:30 am and the seminar will begin at 8:00 am.

These programs are informal and strictly “off-the-record.” No video, power point or audio-visual aids are utilized in the presentations.


Very good insights. I appreciate the world-class experts you assemble.

P.G., Air Force • Transnational Issues Seminar April 2017

The experience and breadth of knowledge of all the speakers was spectacular. Their chosen topics for discussion were absolutely relevant to this audience and we were provided several themes that help to guide our planning assumptions.

J.C., Joint Enabling Capabilities Command • Professional Development Course February 2017

Speakers bring a refreshing perspective on government/politics and social economics (U.S and foreign). Great Insight to happenings on the Hill, Pentagon and White House.

J. Falbo, Navy

This is the best and most informative array of speakers I have ever had the pleasure to hear!

K. Buckley, Air Force

Exceptional breadth and depth of topics. Wonderful speakers and thought-provoking stories and perspectives. Really well done!! Thank You

D.D., Air Force • Enterprise Perspective Seminar October 2016