China and East Asia

A Political-Economic Conflict Seminar

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Program Description

The growing importance of Asia as a focus of U.S. policy is clear. The persistent rise of China not only as a global economic power, but also as a major geopolitical force and diplomatic presence has altered the calculations of virtually every state on the Pacific perimeter. There is no question that the emergence of China as a global power will test the wisdom and skill, as well as the tenacity and agility, of the United States. The U.S.-China relationship may well be the central issue of American foreign policy.

It is important to concentrate not only on the strengths and weakness of Chinese social, political, and economic developments, but also the transformations of the countries which find themselves in the immediate geopolitical orbit of this rising power – Japan, the states of Southeast Asia, the Korean states, the Philippines, India, and others. These transformations are responding both to the rise of China and to the broader social forces reshaping the political-economic-strategic contours of Asia and the Pacific.

Drawing upon the knowledge and experience of a diverse group of prominent experts on China and East Asia, this seminar will address the historic challenges to U.S. national security interests presented by the rise of China and the changes sweeping through East Asia and the Pacific. Talks are informal and off-the-record. Ample time will be allowed for question-and-answer sessions with each speaker.


Seminar Topics

  • An Overview of Chinese Internal Trends and Security Issues
  • North Korea Security Threat and U.S. Policy Response
  • The Korean Peninsula, Taiwan, and the “Problem States”
  • The Challenges of China and East Asia
  • Chinese Territorial and Ocean Claims: The Dragon Awakes
  • The Nature of the Chinese Political Economy: Strength and Weaknesses, Potentialities and Dangers
  • Understanding China’s Approach to Cyber Issues
  • U.S.-China Relations: Symbiosis and Conflict
  • Japan and its Relations with its Neighbors and the United States: Historic Legacies and Contemporary Challenges
  • Japan’s Changing Role in Regional and International Security
  • Asia’s Demographic Future: The Shape of Things to Come
  • China and East Asia: Singularity and Revolution
  • China on the Prowl: How It Got a Foothold in Africa
  • China, Russia, and Central Asia
  • China’s Military and Security Issues
  • China and India: The Intensifying Conflict Over African Resources
  • Asia’s Footprints in the Middle East and Latin America
  • Perspectives on North/South Korean Relations
  • Three Myths About China: Debt, Economic Trajectory, and Innovation
  • China and Taiwan: Security and Political Issues
  • Economic, Trade and Financial Tensions in U.S.-China Relations
  • China as a Blue Water Naval Power

*The above topics may change to address current events at the time of the seminar.


The Program Moderator will have extensive experience conducting senior-level foreign policy seminars for the Intel Community. The Moderator will have first-hand knowledge and a detailed, up-to-date understanding of the region being studied in each seminar. In addition to the daily morning introduction and afternoon wrap-up, the Moderator will generally make a separate presentation and be available to provide additional presentations as needed. The Moderator will facilitate, when necessary, dialogue between the speakers and participants as well as lead the group discussions and Q&A sessions.



The fee for each three-day Foreign Policy Seminar is $2,250 per person. The program will feature approximately 12-15 separate presentations. Also included are daily continental breakfasts and working luncheons. The seminar will be held in a private meeting room at the Capitol Hill Club. An on-site staff person will assist participants as needed and coordinate daily activities.



The target audience for these seminars are civilians (GS-15 and above) and military (O-6 and above). Others who have a special interest in the subject, need-to-know, or are in key positions may apply. Seminar space is limited to assure participants have ample time for open discussion with presenters. Upon registration, attendees will receive confirmation via email within five days.  Cancellations will be accepted in writing up to two weeks prior to each program. After that time, substitutions will be accepted. The Agency will be billed if registration is cancelled after the deadline.

If you have any questions or need further information, please call Iris Fernandez or Patricia Patton at 703-684-8807.


Additional Information

The Foreign Policy Seminars will be held in a private meeting room at the Capitol Hill Club, located at 300 First Street SE, Washington, DC. The Club is directly across the street from the Capitol South Metro Station (Blue and Orange Lines). Business attire for participants is required.

Reporting information concerning registration time and meeting room assignment will be sent to all participants approximately two weeks prior to the start of each program. The seminar meeting room will open at 7:45 am and seminars will be conducted from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

These programs are informal and strictly “off-the-record.” No video, power point or audio-visual aids are utilized in the presentations.


Very good program; all the speakers provided excellent presentations and were very informative. The venue is also very nice. I look forward to future seminars

A.O., Customs & Border Protection • China & East Asia Seminar April 2014

Outstanding program! I’ve learned more over 3 days than in 7 years in the Pacific. Thank you for the worldview!

N.P., Air Force • China & East Asia Seminar May 2016

Always appreciate the opportunity to come to one of these. Thanks for making us think and ask questions. A+

M.C., Air Force • China & East Asia Seminar May 2017

Outstanding seminar—excellent execution. I’m quite impressed by the knowledge and expertise of the speakers—especially the dissenting views/perspectives. Thank you!

K.H., Air Force • China & East Asia Seminar May 2017

Superb program as usual! Excellent choice of speakers who covered a broad range of topics. Their expertise was apparent.

L.C., Air Force • China & East Asia Seminar May 2016