Capitol Hill Workshop (Dayton/Fairborn, OH)

Legislative Challenges in a Transformational Age

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Seminar Description

President Trump will need a united party on Capitol Hill if he expects to pass his wide-ranging agenda. At the moment his agenda appears stalled and how much the judiciary becomes involved, remains to be seen. This special two-day Public Policy Seminar will examine issues from tax, spending and regulatory policies to immigration, trade and border security. Additionally, the rapidly changing global events and their effect on U.S. national security will be examined.

Capitol Hill Workshop attendees will have the opportunity to discuss a number of current and critical issues in an off-the-record setting featuring a group of nationally recognized speakers who are experienced in all aspects of the domestic and international issues. 


Seminar Topics


  • The Congressional Process: Strategic Lawmaking on Capitol Hill
  • The Role of Staff and the Defense Authorizing Committees
  • Congress, Acquisition and the New Budget Realities
  • The Politics of Immigration and Border Security
  • After the 2016 Elections: Washington’s Latest Lessons in Policy, Politics and Polarization
  • China and North Korea: Open Discussion
  • Myths and Realities of Legislative Politics: A Lobbyist’s Perspective
  • Shanghai, Mumbai, Dubai, or Goodbye: The Emerging Markets Transformation and What It Means for America
  • Demographics and Social Change: Public Opinion in America
  • Congressional Leadership and the Balance of Power
  • The Middle East: Security Challenges in a Changing Region
  • Putin’s Russia: A Soviet Defector’s Reflections on the “Evil Empire”


Seminar Format

It is anticipated that there will be a minimum of ten high-level presentations given by a group of prestigious individuals who have first-hand knowledge of the formulation and development of U.S. public policy.  No video, power point or audio-visual aids are utilized in the presentations. The workshop is informal and strictly “off-the-record.”



Alan L. Freed Associates will provide a Program Moderator who has extensive experience conducting senior-level foreign policy seminars of interest to participants from the Air Force.  The Moderator will have first-hand knowledge and a detailed, up-to-date understanding of the issues being addressed in the seminar.


Fee, Location and Registration Information

The FY 2017 fee for the workshop is $1,245 per person. Discounts are available for groups. In order to facilitate and enhance the learning experience, the program will be held at the Holiday Inn Conference Center, 2800 Presidential Drive, in Fairborn.

Upon registration, attendees will receive confirmation via email (within 5 confirmation days). Cancellations will be accepted in writing up to two weeks prior to each program. After that time, substitutions will be accepted. The Agency will be billed if registration is cancelled after the deadline.

If you have any questions or need further information, please call Iris Fernandez or Patricia Patton at 703-684-8807.  To register click here


Additional Information


Reporting information concerning registration time and meeting room assignment will be sent to all participants approximately 2 weeks prior to the start of each program. The meeting room will open at 7:45 am and seminars will be conducted from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

These programs are informal and strictly “off-the-record.” No video, power point or audio-visual aids are utilized in seminar presentations.

Format is terrific! Lots of speakers from across government enterprise and no power points. Plenty of time for engaging dialogue. I love to hear what experts and insiders have to say about out WDC enterprise.

J. Haywood, Wright Patterson Air Force Base

Truly outstanding insight/superior historical background and great stories born throughout scars of experience; I attended National War College and they are known for great speakers/first-hand experience - yours were better. Huge thanks; extremely well done!

M. Weaver, Wright Patterson Airforce Base

Really Outstanding, will highly recommend to others. Highly professional, thoughtful and experienced classmates greatly added to my positive experience in this class.

W. Smith, Pentagon

This is the best and most informative array of speakers I have ever had the pleasure to hear!

K. Buckley, Air Force

Absolutely enjoyed the program's overall structure. The moderator did a great job of weaving the different topics

D. Merker, Air Force