Global Engagement and Emerging Threats

A Political-Economic Conflict Field Seminar

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Field Programs

In FY 2019, Alan L. Freed Associates is offering a menu of one-day field programs that can be presented at military installations around the United States. The format for each field program is identical to the programs held on Capitol Hill. Please note that each program can be modified to address specific areas of concern to individual agencies/organizations.


Program Description

Current U.S. security concerns are broader and more multi-dimensional than at any time in the nation’s history. Senior management in the Department of Defense must confront a global environment that is not only daunting in its complexity—but one that is undergoing vast social, political, and economic changes. This one-day seminar is specifically designed to evaluate the forces shaping federal power at home and national power abroad. The seminar can be designed to address specific issues and areas of concern to the attendees.


Seminar Topics

  • Prioritizing Imminent Global Geo-Political Risks and Their Implications
  • Putin’s Russia and the Implications to U.S. National Security
  • The Syrian Civil War and What it Means For the World
  • Emerging Chinese Military, Space and Security Concerns
  • The Middle East’s Arc of Crisis
  • Turkey: Internal Fissures and External Effects
  • North Korea: The Political-Security Challenges in Northeast Asia
  • Africa at the Crossroads: Political Choice and Economic Growth
  • The Rise of 21st Century Socialism: Why it Threatens U.S. National Security
  • The Belt and Road Challenge Across Eurasia
  • Latin American Giants and Their Future: Brazil, Venezuela, and Mexico
  • The Cyber-War Theater: Faultlines and Frontlines in the War of the Future



Please call 703-684-8807 to obtain further information about a field program at your facility.

Truly outstanding insight/superior historical background and great stories born throughout scars of experience; I attended National War College and they are known for great speakers/first-hand experience - yours were better. Huge thanks; extremely well done!

M. Weaver, Wright Patterson Airforce Base

Exceptional breadth and depth of topics. Wonderful speakers and thought-provoking stories and perspectives. Really well done!! Thank You

D.D., Air Force • Enterprise Perspective Seminar October 2016

I consider myself well-read, but this seminar opened many areas that will require additional study, consideration, and preparation. Well done!

T.H., Air Force • National and International Secuirty Leadership Seminar February 2017

This is the best and most informative array of speakers I have ever had the pleasure to hear!

K. Buckley, Air Force

Balanced program with multiple views on complex subjects—well worth my time!

W.B., Pentagon • Enterprise Perspective Seminar April 2015