Great Power Competition

A Political-Economic Conflict Seminar

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Field Programs

In FY20, Alan L. Freed Associates is offering a menu of one-day field programs that can be presented at military installations around the United States. The format for each field program is identical to the programs held on Capitol Hill. Please note that each program can be modified to address specific areas of concern to individual agencies/organizations.


Program Description

In contemporary terms, great powers are those whose interests, aspirations, and influence have global reach. International stability depends to a high degree on the domestic, socio-economic and political forces at work within the great powers themselves.

In 2020, China, Russia, and the United States are clearly the dominant powers. Japan, India, and the association of states in Western and Central Europe are also significant players. Yet is must be understood that in a globalized world there is a profound degree of complex social, economic, and political interconnectivity of the great power adversaries and will be the driving force behind capability development in subsequent decades in the 21st century.

With a distinguished panel of experts, this seminar will explore both the clash and convergence of interests of the great powers, the alignments they have forged, and the domestic roots of their interactions. Most importantly, the seminar will consider the nature of the international order which is likely to emerge from the current struggle for global mastery.


Seminar Topics

  • North Korea and Great Power Competition
  • The Chinese Dream and the Global Nightmare
  • Demography and the Great Powers’ Destiny
  • Japan: Punching Below its Weight?
  • The Islamic Jihad, Iranian Aspirations, and Great Power Calculations
  • China, India and Africa—A Strategic Triangle of Conflict
  • American Exceptionalism: a Faint Shadow or a Dynamic Force
  • NATO: Transfixed or Transfigured?
  • The Digital Revolution and the Changing Technology of Conflict
  • Brexit, Open Borders, Competition and a Failure of Governance in the EU?
  • MAD, Proliferation, and the Meaning of the Nuclear Balance in the 21st Century
  • Russia as a Destabilizing Force in the International System



Please call 703-684-8807 to obtain further information about a national program at your facility.

Great speakers with decades of experience. Really appreciate the experience and perspectives.

Attendee, Joint Enabling Capabilities Command • Professional Development Course February 2017

Facilities, organization and speakers were superior. One of the best educational experiences I have had.

W.J., Air Force • National and International Secuirty Leadership Seminar March 2017

Speakers bring a refreshing perspective on government/politics and social economics (U.S and foreign). Great Insight to happenings on the Hill, Pentagon and White House.

J. Falbo, Navy

Exceptionally relevant topics and highly-credentialed speakers; very thought-provoking, in a great way; all speakers were appropriate as were the topics. As well-run and organized a class/course as I’ve ever been to.

B.K., Air Force • National and International Secuirty Leadership Seminar February 2017

The exposure to these experts and their wide and varied opinions was fascinating for me. Making sense of the world we live in and overlaying that with U.S. national security interests is the “Kobayashi Maru” of our time…loved it!!!

T.K., Air Force • National and International Secuirty Leadership Seminar March 2017