The New Global Architecture and the Changing International Order

A Political-Economic Conflict Field Seminar

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Field Programs

In FY 2019, Alan L. Freed Associates is offering a menu of one-day field programs that can be presented at military installations around the United States. The format for each field program is identical to the programs held on Capitol Hill. Please note that each program can be modified to address specific areas of concern to individual agencies/organizations. The seminar can be designed to address specific issues and areas of concern to the attendees.


Program Description

The post-World War II order, with its array of international institutions and alliances, was largely inspired and created by American leadership. The collapse of the Soviet Union and its East European empire seemed to signal the ultimate triumph of human rights, democracy, and free market capitalism. Since then, however, major economic and social changes have altered and polarized the political landscape. Prime examples include illiberal regimes such as China, Russia, and Iran. As a result, the planning parameters and structure of America’s diplomatic and defense establishments are being seriously challenged. During this one-day seminar, a prestigious faculty will address these new global realities and consider the options ahead for the Department of Defense. Talks will be informal and off-the-record. Ample time will be allowed for question-and-answer sessions with each speaker.

Areas to be covered are reflected in the topics below and may be changed to address current issues at the time of the seminar.


Seminar Topics

  • A Clash of Cultures: National Identity, Globalization, and Demographic Change
  • Africa at the Crossroads: Political Choice and Economic Growth
  • Russia as a Destabilizing Force in the International System
  • Global Strategic Competition in a Digital Age
  • The Race for Dominance in Space: The New Geopolitical Realities
  • The Changing Nature of Terrorism and Transnational Crime
  • The Emerging Markets Transformation—What It Means for America
  • The Emerging Fractions in the EU: A Crisis of Migration and Populism
  • The Role of Iran in a Turbulent Middle East
  • NATO: Transfixed or Transformed
  • The Changing Global Strategic Architecture
  • China: Stakeholder or Subversive of the Western Political Order



Please call 703-684-8807 to obtain further information about a field program at your facility.

Great speakers with decades of experience. Really appreciate the experience and perspectives.

Attendee, Joint Enabling Capabilities Command • Professional Development Course February 2017

Facilities, organization and speakers were superior. One of the best educational experiences I have had.

W.J., Air Force • National and International Secuirty Leadership Seminar March 2017

Exceptional breadth and depth of topics. Wonderful speakers and thought-provoking stories and perspectives. Really well done!! Thank You

D.D., Air Force • Enterprise Perspective Seminar October 2016

The speakers were excellent & the seminar was well-organized. I would definitely attend a future Alan Freed event.

S.F., Department of Homeland Security • Global Security Seminar February 2017

The exposure to these experts and their wide and varied opinions was fascinating for me. Making sense of the world we live in and overlaying that with U.S. national security interests is the “Kobayashi Maru” of our time…loved it!!!

T.K., Air Force • National and International Secuirty Leadership Seminar March 2017