Technology, Strategy and U.S. National Security

A Political-Economic Conflict Seminar and Panel

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The United States must find a balance between legacy defense systems, current missions and investment in innovative technologies, structures, and doctrine at a time when funding may be constrained by ballooning budget deficits and post-COVID recovery.

Facing increasingly sophisticated capabilities in China and a formidable modernization of Russian forces, the United States must address information dominance and the ability to defend and deploy our forces against hypersonic threats. At the same time, the United States must ensure that the national economic and industrial infrastructure can be secured against hostile cyberattacks.

Drawing upon a knowledgeable and experienced group of experts on foreign and economic policy, national strategy and military operations, this seminar will address the geopolitical, economic, and technological challenges facing the United States in the coming decade.



This one-day program is broadcast live from the Capitol Hill Club and streamed via YouTube (or other available platforms) to military bases and personnel around the world. The program will feature a minimum of four presentations in the morning followed by an open panel discussion in the afternoon. Questions from the attendees will be fielded by the program moderator via “chat.”



  • Models of Conflict and Strategic Thinking
  • Technology and the Direction of Chinese Military Developments
  • The Strategic Implications of Quantum Computing
  • The U.S.-CHina Tech War
  • Aerial and Space Dominance in the Coming Decade: Who’s Winning?
  • Reflections on 20th Century Strategic Technologies and Their Unanticipated Consequences
  • Are Silicon Valley and the Pentagon on the Same Page?
  • AI Threats and the Future of Warfare
  • Industries of the Future and U.S. National Security
  • Emerging Tech and Emerging Markets
  • The Changing Demands of Creative and Flexible Thinking
  • Balancing Legacy and Innovative Forces
  • The Dark Web: Why Our National Security is at Risk


I benefited from the left-leaning, democratic perspectives that juxtaposed the conservative perspectives. Keep it balanced—it was awesome!

M.P., Air Force • Enterprise Perspective Seminar October 2016

Format is terrific! Lots of speakers from across government enterprise and no power points. Plenty of time for engaging dialogue. I love to hear what experts and insiders have to say about out WDC enterprise.

J. Haywood, Wright Patterson Air Force Base

Great opportunity for immersion in current events with experts with viewpoints based on deep academic study, history, etc., which informs a deeper understanding of the public policy debates.

K.K., Air Force • Enterprise Perspective Seminar April 2014

I consider myself well-read, but this seminar opened many areas that will require additional study, consideration, and preparation. Well done!

T.H., Air Force • National and International Secuirty Leadership Seminar February 2017

Really Outstanding, will highly recommend to others. Highly professional, thoughtful and experienced classmates greatly added to my positive experience in this class.

W. Smith, Pentagon