Alan L. Freed Associates

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Alan L. Freed Associates specializes in the design and development of non-partisan Public Policy Seminars for senior managers and executives from the Defense and Intelligence communities.

In 1976, Alan L. Freed Associates founded and developed the original Capitol Hill Workshop and White House Workshop. Since then more than 800 executive-level policy seminars have been conducted in Washington, D.C., and more than 100 programs presented at various military bases around the United States.

Each year Alan L. Freed Associates also conducts a series of Foreign Policy Seminars focusing on specific areas of the world. These Political-Economic Conflict seminars are designed to provide an insider’s view of regional issues of interest to attendees.

Alan L. Freed Associates has assembled a unique group of specialists in the fields of domestic and international politics, economy, law and society, with special expertise In foreign policy, national defense, and strategy. They include former diplomats, congressmen, and senior officials in the White House and executive branch. Included also are Pulitzer-nominated reporters and commentators, constitutional specialists, think tank analysts, and noted academics with government experience as consultants or staff members. Many of their personal biographies mirror the dynamics of current events.

The Alan L. Freed seminars have evolved over decades, specifically to provide a comprehensive range of viewpoints from highly-experienced practitioners in the fields and areas under discussion. The seminars are designed to broaden the scope of thinking of its audiences, not merely to reinforce conventional or academic thinking. An over-arching theme is to prepare leadership for a world in which linear thinking is insufficient.

Alan L. Freed Associates is affiliated with the Federal Executive Institute Alumni Association (FEIAA), a nonprofit organization which is dedicated to the continuing education of the federal executive. For more information please visit:

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