Frequently Asked Questions

Where exactly is the seminar taking place?

All our non-field seminars are held at the Capitol Hill Club. Upon entry, check out the event board in the lobby to see on which floor of the building the seminar will take place.


I have an appointment elsewhere during the seminar (meeting, scheduled flight, etc.). Is it ok if I leave early? 

Yes. If you need to leave early you can. However If you’re leaving on the last day make sure you speak to the program coordinator before leaving, as he or she will hand you your certificate of completion, and ask you for your program evaluation.


Can I tweet, record, share online, or post what speakers talk about?

No. These seminars are strictly off the record. You can take notes, however.


Can I eat dinner at the Capitol Hill Club grill?

Yes, but non-members need a guest pass to do so. To get a pass, ask the program coordinator.


What is the dress code?

Business attire is required.


I received a confirmation e-mail and I have not registered on the website, should I register again?

No. Unless you plan to submit contact information different from the one that was submitted, you do not need to submit a registration.