Europe, Russia, and Central Asia Field Seminar

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Program Description

The Europe, Russia, and Central Asia Field Seminar will be delivered on site—either on-base or at a suitable nearby hotel. Unlike the programs held on Capitol Hill, class size for field programs will not be limited. Attendee grade and rank requirements, as well, will be at your discretion.

The morning session will feature an introductory segment that will provide an overview of the region and address key themes we are likely to discuss. Four separate presentations will follow. We will then break for lunch.

In the afternoon all of the faculty will participate in an “audience-driven” panel discussion. The interactive panel is identical to the program developed for the “Advanced Senior Leader Development Seminar” held for Major Generals and Tier 2 Senior Executive Service members.

Note: This seminar may also be live-streamed from Capitol Hill to your location.

Seminar Topics

The following is a sample of the topics discussed in previous seminars:

  • Between the U.S. Withdrawal from Afghanistan and the Russian Invasion of Ukraine: Implications for Central Asia
  • Central Asia Security and Prosperity in the Age of Peril
  • Assessing Russia’s Reach and Power
  • Is Russia a Superpower or a Belligerent Fuel Pump?
  • How February 24th Shattered the World Order and Disrupted the Global Economy
  • China Seeking to Replace Russia in Central Asia
  • Is Europe in Crisis?—And is NATO Becoming More or Less Relevant?
  • How Can Congress Address the Volatile National Security Environment?
  • Does History Predict Russia’s Future?
  • The EU After Brexit: Global Challenges and Opportunities in a Changing Economic Order
  • The Eurasia Strategic Balance: Geopolitics and Geoeconomics
  • Turkey’s Role in an Evolving Eurasia
  • Islam in Europe: Clash of Civilizations or Multicultural Coexistence?
  • China’s Grand Ambitions: Europe, Russia and Central Asia


These seminars are considered a small purchase. Payment can generally be made with an authorized credit card.

Please call 703-684-8807 for further information.

Exceptional breadth and depth of topics. Wonderful speakers and thought-provoking stories and perspectives. Really well done!! Thank You

D.D., Air Force • Enterprise Perspective Seminar October 2016

Great speakers with decades of experience. Really appreciate the experience and perspectives.

Attendee, Joint Enabling Capabilities Command • Professional Development Course February 2017

Great opportunity for immersion in current events with experts with viewpoints based on deep academic study, history, etc., which informs a deeper understanding of the public policy debates.

K.K., Air Force • Enterprise Perspective Seminar April 2014

Absolutely enjoyed the program's overall structure. The moderator did a great job of weaving the different topics

D. Merker, Air Force

Speakers bring a refreshing perspective on government/politics and social economics (U.S and foreign). Great Insight to happenings on the Hill, Pentagon and White House.

J. Falbo, Navy