Middle East and South Asia Field Seminar

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Program Description

From Cairo to Karachi, from Dubai to Delhi, the countries across the Middle East and South Asia region pose unique challenges and opportunities for U.S policymakers. In the broader Middle East and North Africa region, traditional allies from Egypt to Saudi Arabia to Israel face new and complex challenges, while adversaries like Iran continue to assert political and military influence from Syria and Iraq to Yemen.

Across South Asia, the persistent problems of poverty and the lack of development remain. The promise of India’s rise has yet to fully materialize even as it has become a more important U.S. partner in the region. Pakistan increasingly falls under the shadow of China even as it struggles to rein in a military used to holding power. At the same time an assertive China, while vying for dominance in South Asia, has moved strategically into the Middle East and North Africa, investing and trading robustly across the region.

The demographic weight of the Middle East and South Asia—nearly 2.5 billion people—coupled with its economic challenges ensures that the fate of those key countries will continue to affect the world. The specter of America’s great state rivals, China and Russia, dominating this important region, is a reality that cannot be ignored. 

By drawing upon the knowledge and experience of a diverse group of prominent experts on the Middle East and South Asia, this seminar will offer attendees the opportunity to deepen their understanding of this critical and fast changing region in an informal, off-the-record setting.


Suggested Seminar Topics

  • The Rise of India: What it Means for the U.S.
  • Populism in Pakistan: Understanding the Tussle between Imran Khan and the Pakistani Army
  • Who are the Houthis? Understanding the Group that Threatens Global Shipping
  • The India-Israel Partnership and Why it Matters to the U.S.
  • Middle East and South Asia Brief
  • The Iran Challenge and the Future of U.S.-Iranian Relations
  • Rebuilding Arab Defense: U.S. Security Cooperation in the Middle East and North Africa
  • Saudi Arabia and Long-Term U.S. Strategic Thinking
  • The Egypt Brief: Politics, Economics, Foreign Policy, and National Security
  • Turkey at the Crossroads: Geopolitics, Economics, and Security
  • Pakistan on the Brink: Security, Politics, and Economics
  • The Drivers of Russia’s Strategy in the Middle East
  • India’s Strategic and Military Policy Towards Russia, China, and the United States
  • From Chaos to Cooperation: Toward a New Regional Order in the Middle East
  • The Evolving Geopolitical Orders in the Middle East and South Asia
  • The Middle East and South Asia: Demographics, Geopolitics, Commerce and Security
  • Enter the Dragon: China’s Rise in the Middle East and South Asia
  • How the Arab Media Has Transformed the Region
  • From Syria to Latin America: From Crisis to Conflict
  • Whither Afghanistan After the U.S. Withdrawal?
  • Why Security Cooperation with the Middle East Matters

The above topics may change to address current events and interests of the participants at the time of the seminar.

Available Formats/Delivery Options

The one-day, in-person Middle East and South Asia Field Seminar will be delivered on base or at a nearby hotel. The seminar will feature approximately five separate presentations followed by an afternoon panel discussion.

A one-day live broadcast/virtual Middle East and South Asia Field Seminar is also available. It features five separate presentations followed by an afternoon panel discussion. Questions or comments are transmitted live via “chat”.

Please call 703-684-8807 for further information and pricing.

Very good insights. I appreciate the world-class experts you assemble.

P.G., Air Force • Transnational Issues Seminar April 2017

Great opportunity for immersion in current events with experts with viewpoints based on deep academic study, history, etc., which informs a deeper understanding of the public policy debates.

K.K., Air Force • Enterprise Perspective Seminar April 2014

End-to-end, an amazing group of speakers, with most diverse backgrounds. I could listen to each of the speakers for hours on end. Their collective knowledge is truly incredible.

M. Chi, Defense Acquisition University - San Diego

Excellent overview of an incredibly important subject given world events and a new administration. Great insights. Great speakers. Well done!

G.G., Air Force • Transnational Issues Seminar April 2017

Very interesting group of speakers! Best seminar/program I’ve attended in 34 + years.

P.F., Air Force • Leadership in a Transformational Age Seminar July 2016