Latin America

A Political-Economic Conflict Seminar and Panel

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Latin America has experienced remarkable growth, dramatic economic down-turns and political transformations, both good and bad. Many states will be struggling with COVID and its aftermath for some time to come.

Some parts of Central and South America are emerging as major players on the global economic stage, while others are resisting this historical transformation. Failure to reform assures the continuation of internal instability. The increased immigration and the proliferation of global terrorism has also provided opportunities for influence from countries such as Russia, China and Iran, whose aspirations are often incompatible with U.S. national and international security interests.



This one-day program is broadcast live from the Capitol Hill Club and streamed via YouTube (or other available platforms) to military bases and personnel around the world. The program will feature a minimum of four presentations in the morning followed by an open panel discussion in the afternoon. Questions from the attendees will be fielded by the program moderator via “chat.”



  • Central and South America in Transition: Uncertainty and Shifting Coalitions
  • Not So Distant Neighbors: Mexico and Central America
  • The Emerging Criminal-Terror Nexus in Latin America
  • Brazil’s Political and Economic Challenges in 2021 and Beyond
  • Foreign Direct Investment, Development, and Globalization in Latin America
  • The Varied Politics and Ideology of Latin America: Left, Right and Center
  • China, North Korea, and Iran in Latin America: Why We Should Care
  • The Politics of Border Security
  • Venezuela: After the Post-Chavez Meltdown
  • Cuba, China, and the Caribbean
  • Economic Opportunities and Security Challenges in Latin America, Cuba and the Caribbean


Excellent overview of an incredibly important subject given world events and a new administration. Great insights. Great speakers. Well done!

G.G., Air Force • Transnational Issues Seminar April 2017

Exceptionally relevant topics and highly-credentialed speakers; very thought-provoking, in a great way; all speakers were appropriate as were the topics. As well-run and organized a class/course as I’ve ever been to.

B.K., Air Force • National and International Secuirty Leadership Seminar February 2017

Speakers bring a refreshing perspective on government/politics and social economics (U.S and foreign). Great Insight to happenings on the Hill, Pentagon and White House.

J. Falbo, Navy

Format is terrific! Lots of speakers from across government enterprise and no power points. Plenty of time for engaging dialogue. I love to hear what experts and insiders have to say about out WDC enterprise.

J. Haywood, Wright Patterson Air Force Base

Really Outstanding, will highly recommend to others. Highly professional, thoughtful and experienced classmates greatly added to my positive experience in this class.

W. Smith, Pentagon