Terrorism and Global Security Field Seminar

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Program Description

More than two decades after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, radical groups and regimes continue to challenge U.S. interests and threaten global security. The U.S. may have left Iraq and Afghanistan, but in many ways the Islamic world’s problems remain as pressing as ever for U.S. interests. The Israel-Hamas war, Houthi attacks on Red Sea shipping, and protests against clerical rule in Iran all underscore the need to understand the complex interplay of history, faith and ideology roiling the Arab and Muslim world and beyond.

This seminar is designed to give participants a broad overview of the ideological and geopolitical currents shaping major Muslim-majority nations and their impact on U.S. and Western interests. Participants will hear from an array of area experts with a deep understanding of the principal movements and states in the greater Middle East and how their actions affect the liberal international order long safeguarded by U.S. military power. The lectures are designed for non-specialists interested in deepening their understanding of an important region undergoing a set of profound changes.

The morning session will feature an introductory segment that will provide an overview and address key themes we are likely to discuss. Four separate presentations will follow. We will then break for lunch.

By drawing upon the knowledge and experience of a diverse group of prominent experts on the terrorism and global security, this seminar will offer attendees the opportunity to deepen their understanding of this critical and fast changing region in an informal, off-the-record setting.

Seminar Topics

  • Iran and its Proxies: Hamas, Hezbollah and the Houthis
  • China’s Quest for Influence in the Middle East
  • The Intellectual Roots of Radical Jihadism
  • The U.S.-Israel-India Axis Against Terrorism
  • Street Protests in Europe: Islamist Movements in the West
  • Can Islamism be Democratic: The Case of Erdogan’s Turkey
  • Will the Ayatollahs Get to 50: Assessing Four Decades of the Iranian Revolution?
  • The Taliban Threat to South Asian Stability
  • How Qatar Became a Global Player
  • The Gulf States as Family: Big Brothers and Little Brothers
  • The Puzzle of Pakistan: An Islamic State or a Nation for Muslims?
  • The above topics may change to address current events and interests of the participants at the time of the seminar.

Available Formats/Delivery Options

The one-day, in-person Terrorism and Global Security Field Seminar will be delivered on base or at a nearby hotel. The seminar will feature approximately five separate presentations followed by an afternoon panel discussion.

A one-day live broadcast/virtual Terrorism and Global Security Field Seminar is also available. It features five separate presentations followed by an afternoon panel discussion. Questions or comments are transmitted live via “chat”.

Please call 703-684-8807 for further information and pricing.

Great speakers with decades of experience. Really appreciate the experience and perspectives.

Attendee, Joint Enabling Capabilities Command • Professional Development Course February 2017

Format is terrific! Lots of speakers from across government enterprise and no power points. Plenty of time for engaging dialogue. I love to hear what experts and insiders have to say about out WDC enterprise.

J. Haywood, Wright Patterson Air Force Base

Balanced program with multiple views on complex subjects—well worth my time!

W.B., Pentagon • Enterprise Perspective Seminar April 2015

The exposure to these experts and their wide and varied opinions was fascinating for me. Making sense of the world we live in and overlaying that with U.S. national security interests is the “Kobayashi Maru” of our time…loved it!!!

T.K., Air Force • National and International Secuirty Leadership Seminar March 2017

This is the best and most informative array of speakers I have ever had the pleasure to hear!

K. Buckley, Air Force